Pendelnde Schatten

for alto flute and electronics (2010)

Duration: ca. 12 min
First performance: Hanover, 2011/11/21

GEMA No.: 12413158


A single melodic line constitutes the basic electronic layer of this piece. While pitch changes occur rather infrequently, some characteristics of this line are modulated continuously: the brightness varies, for instance, between a nearly sinusoidal sound and a typical flute spectrum. Sometimes a higher amount of noise blurs the line, or microscopic amplitude variations roughen it. Furthermore, it oscillates between the loudspeakers with irregular spatial patterns.

To all these modulations one can find analogies in the live flute playing, such as the dynamic outlines or the precise use of air noises and flutter tongue. Behind the physical actions, the line remains always present, but at the same time intangible: the digital shadows follow the flute keeping a rather low profile.